What thread do I need?

If you know the make, type and shade number of the thread you want there is no problem, just go to our contact page and order it!

If, however, you haven't got a clue, work though the list below and that will give you (or us) some idea. It might help to make a note of the appropriate answers.

1. Do you want to work by hand or by machine? hand machine
2. Do you want a shiny or a matt thread? shiny matt
rayon silk
cotton wool
3. Do you want metallic ? yes no
4. Do you want it plain or textured? plain textured
5. Should the thread be a single colour? yes no
        or should it be ombre (shades of one colour)? yes no
        or should it be a multi ( a mix of colours )? yes no
6. Is it purely decorative? yes no
        or has it to support beads, or buttons or a seam? yes no
7. Has it to be washable? yes no
        if so, has it to be washed at a high temperature? yes no
8.What colour do you want? yes no

This is where it gets more difficult!

If you can find a shade card of threads from any major manufacturer, tell us whose card it is, which thread it is and the number of the shade you need. Then tell us exactly what you want:-

e.g. I want a shiny, non-metallic, washable, textured thread for decorative hand sewing, which is as close as possible to Natesh 24. E mail, phone or fax and we will do our best.

Should you have no access to a thread shade card and can't wait to borrow one from Silken Strands, then don't despair. Simply send us a bit of fabric, paint ot even a scrap of an advert from your favourite magazine together with your specific description of the thread you need and we will do our best.

If, by any chance we don't send what you need, send it back to us and we will replace it post free.

9. Do you want just the one thread, or do you want a lighter and/or a darker shade as well?
10. Is there anything else you need for your project?
      - what about beads, needles, scissors dissolving fabrics and so on?

If you still need help or advice, don't hesitate to E mail, phone or fax.
2 heads are often better than one!