You can pay by cheque or by Visa or Mastercard. If you would prefer not to give your credit or debit card number on E mail, please write or phone preferably between 10am and 4.30pm GMT. We would prefer it if you did not phone between 11pm and 7.30am GMT as we work from home and the phone will wake the whole household.

If you order before 1pm you should get them next day (UK) unless you ask for 2nd class post. If you want goods before 12.30 next day, you can, of course, have Special Delivery next day but then you will have to pay extra!

If you send a partially open cheque, i.e. endorsed not to exceed £x we will charge you the cost price plus a small administrative and insurance charge, not more than 50p. Otherwise the price will be as listed at the back of the catalogue.

All the time according to my family! Yes, we are happy to try and answer any question which is vaguely embroidery related so get in touch either on the message board, by phone or E mail. 2 sheep's heads are usually better than just one!