We hope to maintain the low prices quoted here until the next brochure is issued, but all prices are subject to change without notice owing to variations in EC and US currencies.  We are not currently registered for VAT.

Postal charges have changed in advance of the Royal Mail's projected alterations. In future, we will charge postage at cost plus 50p (admin charge to include handling, packing & insurance costs) both in the UK and abroad - so, if you are paying by cheque, please send an open one.

with orders please, to include postage and handling charge.

  • Cheques should be made payable to “Silken Strands and Fantasy Fabrics”. 
  • Please remember to sign them! 
  • If you leave the amount in figures 'open', we will fill the amount in and show what you have paid on your invoice. Make your cheque out 'not to exceed x pounds' where 'x' is (the cost of your goods + likely postal charges + an extra £1 for each £10 of the estimated value of your order), and leave the figures box empty. This creates a figure usually well in excess of what we will charge. Limited experience so far indicates that the new postage charges will be somewhat less than they were under a banded postal charge system- so our postal charges are generally lower than our competitors!
  • Credit cards & Debit cards (other than Solo) are accepted.
  • When ordering by phone, letter, fax, or e-mail please give name & address, card number & expiry date as shown on the card.  No surcharge applied.

Education Authorities / Official Bodies  Orders on official forms are accepted. 
(Note: you can't reclaim any VAT, as we are not currently registered for VAT.)

Overseas orders  Use Visa or any card with the Mastercard logo on it. 
Extra handling charges:  £1 for EU countries;  £3 for the rest of the world.

Normally, goods leave here on the day of the receipt of the order.  If you have heard nothing within 10 days, or have any query or complaint about our goods or service, then please phone, fax or e-mail us.

A contact form is available on our contact page or alternatively you can use the following methods:

Telephone orders:  to 01248-362361 

There is usually someone here during the day from 9.30 - 4.30, Monday to Friday.  At other times, take pot-luck!  If we are not available for any reason, the answer-phone will be on. 

Please leave a message – without a message we won’t usually know you have called!

Orders by e-mail:  to  catherine@silkenstrands.co.uk
Please don’t quote any personal account details – phone them in!

Orders by post:  to  Silken Strands, 20 Y Rhos, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 2LT. (UK)

Orders in person:  personal visits are welcome!  Please ring to agree a time and get directions!

Advice:  will be given freely on all embroidery queries – 2 sheep's heads are better than one!