We will match:  fabric, threads, paper/paint samples, or threads on any of the well-known firms' shade cards.
To buy a card:  prices are given below, postage & packing excluded.
To borrow a card:  reluctantly, we have to start charging the full cost of each card that we lend out - refunds will be available if the card(s) are returned in good condition within a month together with the original invoice.


Shade card number

Alcazar 30s and 40s
Rayons and Metallics

Coats Alcazar shade card 81


Bourdon cord, gimp  (50 shades)

Snips of shades in stock


Classic 30's rayon, 'Sticku' (~150 shades)

Madeira Classic card 428 (thread)


Classic 40's rayon (~466 shades)

Madeira Classic card 428 (thread)


Cotona 50's cotton  (36 shades)

Madeira Cotona shade card 125


Empress rayon floss  (~100 shades)

See Natesh thread/laserprint cards


Glamour metallic 10's

Madeira shade card 106


Metallic 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, 25's, Jewel

Madeira shade card 114


Metallic 15, FS20, 30, FS40's

Madeira shade card 59


Metallic small 12, 15, 30, 40's, Jewel

Madeira shade card 113


Natesh rayon flosses and threads

Natesh shade card (laserprint)

Perlé cotton 3, 5  (4, 4 shades) DMC colour card W100C

Polyneon 40's polyester  (30+ shades)

Madeira shade card 78



Ask for printed shade card



Silk floss, 4-strand, Madeira  (104 shades)

Madeira Silk shade card 121


Silk thread, YLI  (21 shades)

Quilt Direct brochure

Supertwists, incl. 'opalines' (many shades) 

Madeira shade card 58


Tanne 30's cotton  (96 shades)

Madeira shade card 33


Titania 30's rayon  (~360 shades)

See Natesh thread/laserprint cards



Ultrasheen acrylic  (50 shades)

YLI Ultrasheen shade card