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See Madeira shade card 33.  This quality embroidery thread has quite a sheen for cotton - it is made from long staple Egyptian cotton and is double mercerised.  Fast-dyed to 95°C.  Needle size 80.  This is a quilting thread, the same as Madeira Cotona, but sold at a more economic price!  It is easy to use on the top of the machine and is ideal for heavy fabrics.  Recommended for use on the bobbin when the top thread is rayon, metallic or Burmilana. Madeira are reducing the range of colours available in Tanne 30, but never fear we have an acceptable substitute in a wider range of colours- please ask

96 shades, on 625 metre (25 gm) spools:-

Whites 501, ecru 504

£3.95 per spool


£3.95 per spool


MADEIRA COTONA 30's cotton

See Madeira Lana and Cotona shade card #125 (2005), thread card price £9.50. Exactly the same thread as Tanne 30 but on retail size reels. Identifying details: same numbers as Tanne 30. 60 colours.

Cotona 30's 200 metre reels



MADEIRA COTONA 50's cotton

See shade card 125. A finer version of the famous and familiar Tanne thread. Wonderfully smooth long staple cotton. The high tensile strength means perfect results for quilting, patchwork, embroidery, lace-making and ordinary sewing.

Cotona 50's 1000 metre reel



MADEIRA COTONA 30's cotton variegated - New Product

See Madeira Lana and Cotona shade card #126 (2005) and addendum. Made from highest-quality long staple cotton, with colour changes every 5 to 10cm. Perfect for machine and hand embroidery, lace-making, quilting, etc. 10 colours.

505 “soft ice”: neutrals, beige; 506 “coral fish”: reds/golds; 507 “savanna”: deep reds/greens; 508 “blue lagoon”: mid-blues; 509 “amazone”: cool mid-greens/blues; 510 “cappuccino”: browns/creams; 511 “sunrise”: oranges, golds, greens; 512 “sunset”: golds and browns; 513 “petunia”: blue pinks/maroon; 514 “mocha”: coffee/chocolate.


Cotona 30's variegated 400 metre reels



GÜTERMANN SULKY 30's variegated cotton - New Product

High quality long-staple 100% cotton, beautifully variegated with non-stripy, frequent shade or colour changes. Highly popular, smooth thread. Wonderful for use in either machine embroidery or quilting. A 'reel' hit! 40 colours.

4001 beiges; 4002 pale yellow/gold; 4003 orange/yellow/deep orange; 4004 orange/gold/brown/coral; 4005 light red/light blues; 4006 cool reds/green/lemon; 4007 deep reds/blues; 4008 light to dark terracotta; 4009 murky green/light brown; 4010 dull reds/greens; 4011 strong mid to dark brown; 4012 cool pale pastel greens/beige/primrose; 4013 cool greens/blue/lemon; 4014 strong mid blue/light greeny blues/aqua; 4015 deep bright pastel greens; 4016 dull royal/emerald; 4017 acid lime/green; 4018 strong bright emeralds; 4019 cool greens/light brown; 4020 olive greens/light browns; 4021 cool strong bluey-greens to turquoise green; 4022 royal/navy/mid blue; 4023 beige, pinky brown/light green/light yellow; 4024 “tapestry colours” beige/purple/lemon; 4025 pinks/lilac/lavender; 4026 pastel pink/peach/green; 4027 cool beiges/cream; 4028 deep dull bluish-greys; 4029 mid terracotta/deep terracotta/beige; 4030 bluish pinks/cream/green; 4031 subtle mid blues/dark blue/pinky light brown; 4032 deep reddish purple/pinks; 4033 even deeper reddish purple/pinks; 4103 “multi tapestry colours” light peach/cream/olive/purple; 4104 multi light bright peach/terracotta/green; 4105 multi beige/navy/pink/red; 4106 multi strong bright primaries and secondaries; 4107 multi deep green/gold/red/tan; 4108 multi strong navy/red/royal/gold; 4109 dark bright reds/blues/greens.


300 metre reels (328 yards)




24 colours.

200 metre reels

£2.85 per reel



Unique glazed finish.  Glides easily through fabric and wadding.  Hand/machine.

24 shades:-

320 metre (400 yard) large reels

£4.99 per reel

2 shades: white, ecru.

(960 metre) 1200 yard large cones

£8.99 per cone


YLI  MACHINE QUILTING mercerised cotton

See Quilt Direct brochure. Made of high quality Peruvian Pima cotton for strength and consistency. The solid shades are designed to combine with the variegated to create an almost unlimited variety of effects. Expensive, but very well worth it for ease of use and quality of results, according to our local quilters. Use 90/14 needle.

13 plain colours:-

White; black; 001 natural; 002 ecru; 003 light brown; 010 green; 011 grey; 014 grey blue;
015 dark blue; 021 red; 022 cabernet; 023 purple; 024 teal.

450 metre large reels (Plain)

£5.50 per reel


25 variegated colours:-

01V red/white/grey blue/cabernet/dark blue;

02V natural/ecru/rust/light brown/brown;

03V gold/red/orange/burgundy/purple;

04V yellow/mango/dark pink/fuschia/rust;

05V white/light grey/medium grey/dark grey/black;

06V natural/light flesh/flesh/dark rose/grey;

07V light teal/blue/grey/green/teal/dark green;

08V yarn/gold/green/leaf;

09V lilac/medium purple/burgundy/navy/dark purple;

10V yellow/mint/pink/blue;

11V sun/grass/purple/royal blue/fire;

12V pink/green/purple/black/royal blue;

13V Earth-dark blue, dark red, light brown,
golden beige;

14V Festival - green, teal blue, fuchsia, hunter green;

15V Vineyard - light purple, charcoal, teal,
forest, dark purple;

16V Sand- frost,ecru, cream,butter, cloud (predominantly cream);

17V Dusk - gold, mustard, sage, tan, willow;

18V Sea Mist - predominantly turquoise, aqua and blues;

19V Harvest - predominantly red, tweed, fawn, putty, mauve, plum;

20V Plum - luscious purples and rich reds;

19V Harvest - predominantly red, tweed, fawn, putty, mauve, plum;

20V Plum - luscious purples and rich reds;

21V Sunrise - predominantly strong yellow with orange and lighter yellow;

22V Sunset - predominantly orangey red with lighter red and brownish red;

23V Foliage - lime to olive green with chartreuse and avocado;

24V Forest- rich deep blue green, lighter blue green and dark brown/black;

25V Royalty - Lt.Royal / Med.Royal / Med.Blue / Dk.Royal / Dk.Blue.

For YLI's own shade charts on the Web, please click here and follow the link on the left to 'quilting', and then the menu item 'Machine Quilting Thread'.


450 metre large reels (Variegated)

£5.50 per reel




Quilting Wool

Coats gave up manufacturing Quilting wool a few years ago. We have at last sourced some barely spun traditional Welsh wool ideal for quilting and it is available at £2.00 per 20 gram ball. Please note it is not machine washable, nor is it pre shrunk.




Quilting Needles (Machine)

Top quality, highly polished needles.  Slender, penetrate both layers of fabric and wadding well.

Schmetz, one size only

£3.00 per pack of five


Quilting Needles (Hand)

Top quality needles.

Quilting, big eye, size 10 (12 needles)


Quilting, big eye, size 11 (12 needles)


Quilting, gold, size 10 (6 needles)


Soft Sculpture


Sharps size 5/10 (20 needles)


Sharps size 8 (20 needles)


Sharps size 10 (20 needles)


Trapunto (3 needles)



Madeira Needles


Madeira have now produced needle styles coated with Titanium for extra strength and with around 5 times the life. This is due to the harder surface at the point and round the eyes. Not only does this prolong the life of the needle, it also limits damage to fabric and thread. Whilst the needles are linked to specific Madeira threads, they can be used with other brands of similar threads


Quilting 80 extra long point for sewing through multiple layers 3 needles





Quilters' thimbles, finger guards, pins, safety-pins, lint-remover, Fray Stoppa, Beeswax, etc.

Ask for prices