BOURDON CORD  (gimp) -

A luxuriously lustrous cord.  Perfect for couching and tassel-form wrapping, but not suitable for macramé as the rayon strands run round the central core.  1.3mm diameter. 

About 50 shades; snips available:-

Greys and Neutrals

Black;  ivory;  soft white;  optic white;  beige, light beige (putty).

Pinks and Reds

Light pink; lilac-pink; pale salmon pink; china pink; bonbon; dark bonbon; rose; scarlet; red; maroon (Bordeaux).


Light apricot;  apricot;  orange;  rust.


Pale primrose; goud (beige yellow); bright gold; maize (bright yellow); gold; oriental gold; spanish gold (pale brownish).


Khaki; light green; peppermint; sage green; lime (light emerald); emerald green; medium green (grey-green); dark green, olive.

Turquoise and Blues

Turquoise;  celeste (grey-blue);  ice blue;  blue;  royal blue;  air force blue;  Scandinavian blue (light slate);  denim/slate;  bright navy.


Caramel; chestnut; (havanne) milk chocolate brown; dark brown.

Mixed colours:-

20 mixed colours (average 1 metre each):-

£4.40 per bag


Single colours:-

4 metre packs        

95p per pack

Other lengths per metre

26p per metre

50 grams (including packaging)


100 grams (including packaging)



Single colours SPECIAL VALUE :-

200 gm including packaging 


250 gms