YLI Non-Metallic Machine Embroidery Threads



YLI Non-Metallic Machine Embroidery Threads

YLI MONOFILAMENT invisible thread

Favourite with quilters and for "invisible" appliqué. Softer than Madeira.

Two colours: Clear; or smoke.

1200 yard small cones

£4.99 per cone



YLI SILK thread

Very, very fine but surprisingly strong 100% pure filament silk thread.

21 classic colours: 201 red; 205 pale blue; 210 navy; 212 ecru; 215 gold;

220 light emerald green; 222 dark emerald green; 223 mid-brown; 224 natural grey;

225 mid-grey; 226 taupe; 234 brown; 235 deep beige; 239 creamy-beige; 240 baby pink;

242 light taupe; 260 baby blue; 261 creamy-yellow; 262 pale green.

200 metre reels

£5.50 per reel




See YLI Ultrasheen shade card. Offering excellent coverage, strength and flexibility. 100% colourfast. Only the variegated items stocked at present, others to order (in sixes, please).

44 plain colours:-

680 metre small cops

£4.75 per cop


6 variegated colours:-

33 primary lavender; 34 primary; 35 pastel; 36 pink; 37 yellow; 38 blue.

680 metre small cops

£5.75 per cop



YLI JEANS STITCH 30's polyester

See YLI Jeans Stitch shade card. 100% spun polyester. Topstitch thread - smooth and matt. Use with topstitch needle or in bobbin. Plain colours and variegated. All stocked.

24 plain colours: White; black; 1 hot pink; 2 red; 3 cranberry; 4 brown; 5 grass green; 6 navy;

7 mid-orange ("blue jean"); 8 wet sand; 9 royal blue; 10 light blue; 11 dark purple; 12 lavender;

13 sea-foam green; 14 beige; 15 soft green; 16 soft yellow; 17 burnt orange; 18 soft pink;

19 dark rose ("mauve"); 20 peach; 21 dull mauve ("orchid"); 22 sun yellow;

23 cream ("off-white").

180 metre small cops

£4.99 per cop


4 variegated colours:-

VA1 ("0VA primary variegated")

deep yellow/red/blue/green/lavender;

VA2 ("2VA pastel variegated")

mid yellow/red/blue/green/lavender;

VA3 ("3VA")

tawny yellow/cream/brown/orange;

VA4 ("4VA jewel variegated")

pink/pale green/purple/blue/black.

180 metre small cops

£5.99 per cop




See YLI Pearl Crown Rayon shade card. Highly twisted, thicker cord-like thread. Use in the bobbin. Works well in hand embroidery. We've used it successfully for blackwork and on congress cloth. Hand washable, dry cleanable. Colourfast. Plain colours and variegated.

19 plain colours: 123 green; 203 shocking pink; 208 aqua; 222 bright pink; 225 wine;

241 cranberry; 275 emerald; 276 dark emerald ("alfalfa"); 319 drab green; 378 peacock blue;

401 natural; 500 white;521 Lucerne blue; 522 navy; 539 evergreen; 600 black; 771 honey;

800 red; 899 light turquoise green.

91 metre small cops

£3.99 per cop


5 variegated colours: 50 baby pastel; 60 bright pastel; 70 blue/pink/yellow; 80 dark primary;

98 primary & brights.

91 metre small cops

£4.99 per cop


YLI MACHINE QUILTING mercerised cotton

Made of high quality Peruvian Pima cotton for strength and consistency. The solid shades are designed to combine with the variegated to create an almost unlimited variety of effects. Expensive, but very well worth it for ease of use and quality of results, according to our local quilters. Use 90/14 needle.

13 plain colours:-

White; black; 001 natural; 002 ecru; 003 light brown; 010 green; 011 grey; 014 grey blue;
015 dark blue; 021 red; 022 cabernet; 023 purple; 024 teal.

450 metre large reels (Plain)

£5.50 per reel


25 variegated colours:-

01V red/white/grey blue/cabernet/dark blue;

02V natural/ecru/rust/light brown/brown;

03V gold/red/orange/burgundy/purple;

04V yellow/mango/dark pink/fuschia/rust;

05V white/light grey/medium grey/dark grey/black;

06V natural/light flesh/flesh/dark rose/grey;

07V light teal/blue/grey/green/teal/dark green;

08V yarn/gold/green/leaf;

09V lilac/medium purple/burgundy/navy/dark purple;

10V yellow/mint/pink/blue;

11V sun/grass/purple/royal blue/fire;

12V pink/green/purple/black/royal blue;

13V Earth-dark blue, dark red, light brown,
golden beige;

14V Festival - green, teal blue, fuchsia, hunter green;

15V Vineyard - light purple, charcoal, teal,
forest, dark purple;

16V Sand- frost,ecru, cream,butter, cloud (predominantly cream);

17V Dusk - gold, mustard, sage, tan, willow;

18V Sea Mist - predominantly turquoise, aqua and blues;

19V Harvest - predominantly red, tweed, fawn, putty, mauve, plum;

20V Plum - luscious purples and rich reds;

19V Harvest - predominantly red, tweed, fawn, putty, mauve, plum;

20V Plum - luscious purples and rich reds;

21V Sunrise - predominantly strong yellow with orange and lighter yellow;

22V Sunset - predominantly orangey red with lighter red and brownish red;

23V Foliage - lime to olive green with chartreuse and avocado;

24V Forest- rich deep blue green, lighter blue green and dark brown/black;

25V Royalty - Lt.Royal / Med.Royal / Med.Blue / Dk.Royal / Dk.Blue.

For YLI's own shade charts on the Web, please click here and follow the link on the left to 'quilting', and then the menu item 'Machine Quilting Thread'.


450 metre large reels (Variegated)

£5.50 per reel