Coats Non-Metallic Machine Embroidery Threads

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Made from 100% viscose, lustrous, bright and shiny and though a new addition to the market is already endorsed by a number of top embroiderers. It is smooth and durable and very user friendly, and available in 270 shades.
200m per reel £2.70; Special discount: 10p per reel off if you order 5 or more.


Coats Colour twist 35's rayon
See Coats shade card CC-003045609061 (2003), price 50p. Range of 21 blended colours. Unless stated otherwise, these are blends of shades of the same colour.

700 grey/black; 705 light grey; 710 lilac; 711 lavender; 720 deep pink; 730 purplish pink; 731 dark dull red; 740 lightish blue; 741 deeper blue; 750 turquoise green; 751 deep emerald; 752 light emerald; 753 dark green; 760 mid yellow; 761 yellow/orange; 762 deep orange; 770 light brown; 780 brown/green; 781 red/black; 782 blue/pink; 783 red/green.

150 metre reels       £2.80


Seta Reale Thread

Seta Reale is a luxurious sewing thread made of pure silk for an extra special sewing experience. Coats silk thread is made from long continuous filament fibres resulting in stronger and more lustrous thread that can stretch easily. This product performs well with both hand and machine stitching and is ideal for silk, satin and other precious and lustrous fabrics. 100% silk.

Ticket 30, available in length 20m - extra strong for decorative stitching and buttonholing.
Ticket 100, available in length 80m - extra fine for thin, delicate woven fabrics and garments like wedding and night dresses

128 shades available depending on the spool size - the largest selection in the market.
Care Instructions: Machine Washable up to 60C.

Price £3.00 (Ticket 30) / £3.70 (Ticket 100)

Click here for shade card. NOTE: this is a pdf download direct from the Coats site - it can be a bit slow!