YLI Non-Metallic Hand Embroidery Threads


YLI  SILK  6-stranded embroidery floss

Luxurious soft heirloom-quality pure silk. 

Approximately 80 shades.

5 metre packs

90p per pack

For the YLI silk floss shade card, please click here and follow the links to 'Silk' and then 'Silk Floss'.


Unique glazed finish.  Glides easily through fabric and wadding.  Hand/machine.

24 shades:-

320 metre (400 yard) large reels

£4.99 per reel

2 shades: white, ecru

(960 metre) 1200 yard large reels

£8.99 per reel



See YLI Pearl Crown Rayon shade card.  Highly twisted, thicker cord-like thread.  Works well in hand embroidery. (Can also use in the bobbin of the sewing machine.)  We've used it successfully for blackwork and on congress cloth.  Hand washable, dry cleanable.  Colourfast.  Plain colours and variegated. 

19 plain colours:-

123 green; 203 shocking pink; 208 aqua; 222 bright pink; 225 wine;

241 cranberry; 275 emerald; 276 dark emerald (&guot;alfalfa&guot;); 319 drab green;

378 peacock blue; 401 natural; 500 white; 521 Lucerne blue; 522 navy;

539 evergreen; 600 black; 771 honey; 800 red; 899 light turquoise green.

91 metre small cops, plain

£3.99 per cop

5 variegated colours:-

50 baby pastel; 60 bright pastel; 70 blue/pink/yellow; 80 dark primary;
98 primary & brights.

91 metre small cops, variegated           

£4.99 per cop