Rajmahal Non Metallic Hand Embroidery Thread
Art Silk


For Rajmahal's own shade card on the web click here, where the individual shades are listed and shown.

This floss weight, strong and lustrously versatile works wonderfully in most types of embroidery giving a special and exciting finish to even the simplest work. They are ideal for silk ribbon embroidery, stumpwork, Brazilian embroidery, smocking and crazy patchwork as well as for cross stitch and surface embroidery etc.
The threads are dyed so that they provide perfect shading in colours ranging from the very rich and exotic to the subtle pastel and the complex renaissance colours. Shades are linked eg 115 Rich Imperial Purple, 113 Purple Dusk (2 shades lighter) and 111 Dainty Lilac ( 2 shades lighter still). Threads are hand-dyed so please buy enough for each separate piece of work.

Approx 60 shades, six strand

8 metres


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