MADEIRA Metallic Machine Embroidery Threads

We try to list the finest threads first and thickest last.

> FS No. 40 -200 metre reels > FS No. 40 - 1000 metre reels;
> FS No. 20;
> FS Metallica;



For MADEIRA's own FS No. 40 range shade charts on the Web, please click here.

See Madeira shade card 58. Needle size 80-90. Excellent high-quality thread developed in Germany for high-speed machines.  Gold, silver and multicoloured shades contain pure noble metals, and have a smooth, round surface with a classical look.  The surfaces of the Supertwists have a textured effect resulting from the applied twist, which provides colour reflections.  These are also recommended for fine hand embroidery and lace making.  Washable at 60°C.  To confuse matters, Madeira call all the small reels of relatively fine metallics FS 40, regardless of what they are in fact. We list them here, rather than in the list of other metallic threads below.


MADEIRA FS No. 40:   200 metre reels   (Art. No. 9842)

Smooth metallic threads

13 shades:  aluminium;  copper;  silver;  gold-8 bright, brassy;  gold-4 old gold;   

gold-6 light medium gold;  gold-3 light;  gold-7 warm gold; 

astro-1 silver with colour tints;  astro-2 gold, copper and green;  astro-3 mainly gold and copper; 

astro-4 blue with pink and gold;  astro-5 red, fuchsia pink, sky blue, silver, purple, green and gold.

200 metre reels


Slightly thicker smooth metallic threads  

8 shades, mainly named:  amethyst ('312');  cobalt ('338');  coral (pink);  emerald ('358');

"graphite" (manganese '360');  ruby (red);  "saphire" (medium blue);  turquoise (365).

NB: some of these numbers are duplicated, so names preferred!

200 metre reels


Textured metallic threads, all supertwists 

24 shades:  12 deep purple;  13 rose pink;  15 deep red;  18 deep cerise;  24 gold;  27 copper;

33 mid sky-blue;  37 turquoise blue;  38 royal blue;  41 bright silver;  52 yellowish green;

57 emerald green;  65 turquoise green;  70 black;  251 black and gold;  260 black/silver; 

270 black/turquoise/gold;  280 gold/blue/pink;  300 white;  301 pale blue, opaline; 

302 baby pink, opaline;  303 soft lemon yellow, opaline; 

305 bright Granny Smith apple/iridescent gold, opaline;  380 strong pastel mix, opaline.  

200 metre reels


Less glittery metallic threads  (See also FS No. 20)

8 shades, all containing black: 424 light gold;  425 gold;  426 pinkish gold;

442 silver;  460 dark grey-bluish;  466 turquoise blue; 

482 brown/orange/gold; 484 silver/grey/touch of gold; 

490 green with colour tints (batches vary).

200 metre reels



MADEIRA FS No. 40: 1000 metre reels  

7 shades stocked:  gold-1 soft coppery;  gold-2 palest;  gold-3 light;  gold-5 brightest; 

gold-6 light medium;  gold-7 warmest;  silver; aluminium.

1000 metre reels



Special discount on Madeira FS No. 40: 10p per reel/spool off if you order 5 or more.


MADEIRA FS 20   See also the listing above, under "FS No. 40 less glittery metallic threads".

Madeira has renamed and somewhat re-vamped its FS20 range and added new colours. The thread is now entitled 'Soft Comfort' But it is still as good as ever. Probably the best tempered thread in our range!

According to Madeira it is an 'elegant and soft metallic thread made from velvety spun rayon wrapped by an extra fine metallic foil. It is gentle to the skin and is ideal for clothing as well as for decorative stitching in embroidery, quilting and home decoration'. It is also ideal for those wanting to use their soldering iron and for techniques like Wow etc.

Formerly known by number only, the threads now have names!

411 amethyst 412 Tanzanite (Deeper purple and less pink than 411)
413 rose quartz 414 fire opal (duller and deeper red than 415)
415 ruby 424 antique gold
425 sultan gold (coppery tinge) 426 brocade (beige/pink gold)
427 amber 428 copper
429 bronze 438 cobalt
439 garnet (deep pinky red) 442 antique silver
452 malachite (limey green) 457 emerald
460 black pearl 465 turquoise
466 blue topaz 467 lapis
470 carbon 480 mermaid-multi
481 peacock-multi 482 tiger eye- multi
483 coral fish –multi 484 golden silver
New. There are now 4 new colours twisted onto white thread, the others are all on black-
422 –gold dust (lighter than 423) 423-white gold
441- silver dust 491- a soft white

£8.55 a reel plain, £8.55 per reel multi (numbers 480 and above). Special discount on Madeira FS20: 10p per reel/spool off if you order 5 or more.



See "Metallica No. 30" on Madeira shade card 58.  Covers better than 40's for satin stitch.  Seam quality. 

6 shades:  6030 silver;  6031 aluminium;  6032 light gold;  6033 bright yellow gold; 

6034 cold, brassy gold;  6037 coppery gold. 

200 metre reels


MADEIRA SUPERTWIST  No. 30  (See also Opaline Supertwists and FS 40's.)

For MADEIRA's own SUPERTWIST No 30 range shade charts on the Web, please click here. (And then click on the relevant colour chart for a larger image.)

See Madeira shade card 58.  A textured thread to use on top of the machine.  Reduce top tension by a half and use a 110 needle for best results (Pam Watts).


39 colours available (on 1000 metre spools) (* 10 colours available on 200 metre reels):
10 deep mauve;  11 pale light bronze;  12* deep purple; 14 sunset orange;  15* deep red;  16 amethyst; 17 red/navy;  18* deep cerise;  19 cool pink;  23 medium gold (metallic); 24* gold;  25 bright gold;  26 two-tone copper;  27* copper; 28 bronze;  29 light bronze; 30 dark bronze/brown;  39 fuchsia/purple;  42 greyish silver; 52* yellowish green; 57* emerald green;  58 green with blue;  65* turquoise green;  66 deep turquoise; 67 turquoise blue;  114 copper with red and green tints; 123 moss and lime; 138 sapphire; 140 dark purple; 155 emerald;  252 black/bright gold;  261 dark bluish grey;  262 dark grey; 270* black / turquoise / gold;  275 red, blue and gold flecks on silver; 276 silver, pink, turquoise and blue;  280* gold/blue/pink;  285 red, gold and blue flecks on black; 286 black, red, blue and gold.

1000 metre spools


Space restrictions stop us adding the whole of the wider supertwist range but we have in stock the following colours and we are always prepared to get you sets of 5 of the same colour:

275 - deep pinkish purple/pink/turquoise/gold
288 - gold/deep pink/light turquoise
289 - turquoise/lilac/pink/gold
290 - black/pink/gold/ turquoise
291 - pink/gold/turquoise



See Madeira shade card 72.  The only truly metallic sewing thread.  Strong, thick 3-ply.  Strong enough to be used for ornamental seams as well as decorative sewing.  Use needle 100.

4 shades:  copper (dull);  gold-22 soft, dull gold;  gold-27 dull, bronzy gold;  aluminium "silver".

300 metre (25 gm) reels