DMC Metallic Hand Embroidery Threads



DMC Light Effects

Precious metal effects:
6 golds and silvers
Pearlescent effect - 8 pastel, pearly and iridescent colours
Jewel effects - 14 gem like colours for a dazzling effect
Antique effects - 5 antique metals for a vintage look
Fluorescent effects - 2 bright colours for fun
Glow-in-the-dark - a revolutionary stitching thread that glows in the dark

These are excellent as a type of blending filament, but are easier to use. They have all the benefits of DMC stranded- smooth seamless covering, perfect continuity of stitching and ease of use. In addition, they match other DMC threads and fabrics closely. £1.67 per skein

Sets of 10 pastel, 10 bright and 10 dark colours are now also available, together with 5 free designs for £9.99 each.