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Polo Ralph Lauren: U.S. citizen, senior apparel consumer brands

Polo Ralph Lauren clothing, senior U.S. citizenship consumer brands, especially those with a detached fashion designer apparel products, most consumers never both longing and hate objects. Longing for the simple reason that, who do not want to brand yourself dressed pretty few in number, the same as for the simple reason hated those hundreds of thousands of brand-name clothing prices over a million, is no ordinary consumers can afford.

So, in nowadays China's Internet, you can easily see on one side of the fashion forum Petty tasting the latest design of these designer clothes scolding the other side of these brand clothing profits - especially as more and more brand clothing made ​​in the beginning after china.

Luxury goods, clothing brands really that good money? The quality of the raw materials that can not see, can not distinguish the pros and cons of technology Petty eyes, indeed is - especially when they are connected to the concept of so-called "gross" and "net profits" are not tell the time, it even more so.

Unfortunately, the margin luxury goods is not as they thought it would be huge, otherwise it will not often heard certain designer brands continued loss forced to sell a large group of messages, otherwise it will not be the most senior consumer brands weight by private companies operating, but after the listing of public shareholders do not want to finger pointing.

I said rumor, but fortunately in the United States, in the form of a listed company's luxury goods brand is still a lot, just let us look at their financial statements to see how much they earn, how to make money.

In this article, is a typical case, loaded onto the operating table to a thorough dissection is the United States of High Fashion Group Polo Ralph Lauren UK (NYSE listed stock code RL). Many clothing companies listed in the U.S. in, Polo Ralph Lauren women should be regarded as among the most high-end apparel brand, and on the U.S. market, whether it is for the end user's Brand Key clothing brands list or for the most high-end users Luxury Brand Status Index Surveys, ralph lauren womens shirts is a pretty good ranking American brand. Its an example, although senior apparel industry can not reveal the whole picture, but still be able to see more clearly how some.

In fiscal year 2004, Polo Ralph Lauren, together with its worldwide distributor sold a total of 4.837 billion U.S. dollars of goods. Merchandise categories, it is clear occupy almost half of men's, women's share is only about half of men. And in addition, from accessories, perfumes, household goods and children quarter of the world. Of course, Polo ralph lauren mens is a unique brand, it is the product of an American preppey culture, emphasizing Style more than fashion, so this classification proportion of reference only and does not represent the entire senior apparel industry.
On geographical distribution, polo ralph lauren sale uk brand as the United States, which also has a strong regional characteristics, although the U.S. market declined in the proportion of total sales, but the proportion is still around 70%. Removal of U.S. sales do not look, is undoubtedly the most important European markets, but Japan's sales to $ 469 million in the third row, also illustrates the importance of Japan as a big consumer brand in the global luxury goods market - even Polo Ralph Lauren like this, it is not to say let them fascinated LV like it.
Of course, I believe you Tell me unless it is Polo Ralph Lauren's Fans, otherwise it is not concerned about the details of their specific operations, so we stop here, to care for another, more interesting topics. Polo Ralph Lauren clothing brand as a senior, is not compared to other clothing brands to make more money.

To illustrate this problem, I got the two companies as a frame of reference. The first was Tommy Hilfiger, and mens ralph lauren polo shirts are both senior clothing brand, but relatively more younger; second home is GAP, the famous American popular clothing brand, positioning the Baleno indeed quite similar with the mainland. Let us look at it, Polo Ralph Lauren exactly how to make money.

The following table is a simple comparison of this moment Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and GAP these three a few key indicators.